Retro Storage

I participated in the Stupid Hackathon 3.0, a hackathon created by ITP alums Sam Lavigne and Amelia Bearskin-Winger.  It's self-described as the STUPID SHIT NO ONE NEEDS & TERRIBLE IDEAS HACKATHON, where the goal is to make something valueless albeit functional.

I wanted to pay homage to a time when bytes were a precious commodity, so I modeled and 3D printed a 3" floppy disk and embedded a USB drive.  To reduce the size of the 8GB USB drive, I created a file using the command line that left only 1.44mb of free space. I then altered the read/write permissions of the file and hid it so that it doesn't appear in the file explorer, leaving the user with only 1.44mb of usable storage space.

Technology Stack

Solidworks, MakerBot Replicator