Facebook's Gold Room

During the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, how could a social media platform like Facebook allow athletes and visitors alike to share moments with their friends and family back home in a powerful and enticing way?

Our team came up with the Gold Room, an interactive and futuristic photo booth that captures and broadcasts the excitement of the Olympics and the unique sensation of Brazil’s joie de vivre for each unique visitor. Visitors are ushered by a Brand Ambassador into a 12’ x 12’ enclosed digital installation intended to surprise and delight with innovative light and sound design combined with bullet-time photography, and an innovative 360-degree style still image capture. Every 15 seconds light and sound cues alert the participant to freeze while each of the 24 cameras simultaneously capture an image of the person. The 24 still images are then stitched together into a movie file, and the visitor has the option to share the movie file via email or on Facebook. Inspired by Stanley Kubrick and films like the Matrix and Inception, the idea is to give guests a moment in which they enter a dream-like state filled with different tones of colors, lights, speed and sound all reflecting themes of Brazil, movement, and sports.

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Parada Coca-Cola, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

August, 2016